Random thoughts of Gratitude

Sometimes I am at a loss for words…………this was one of those such moments when I read this: Hello Tracy, My name is Dawn P. and I am a follower of your blog, I am in your Monday night media classes about once a month, […]

Mixed Media Monday – 7/21/14 – “Blank Canvas”

Thank you so much for joining me Monday night for Mixed Media Monday.  As always it was uplifting, fun and just what I needed.  I love hearing that so many need it too and look forward to our time.  Here is what I painted in […]

Sand Between the toes…..and more!

I love the beach. I love everything about it and since I can remember every summer we have beach days and they are my favorite.  As the kids get older they become even more special to me.  This year is no different and we just […]

Taking my Studio on the Road…

Sometimes you have to leave your normal environment and take a creative getaway.  I did just that Friday morning.  I packed up my travel art suppplies and headed to our local Starbucks.  With headphones and my favorite Pandora station to suit the mood I grabbed my […]

It’s the Simple Things….

Of late I felt in kind of a rut.  Nothing major just an unexplained rut.  Nice to put it out there and realize I am not alone.  It is hard in the day of social media and you start to compare yourself or look at […]

Moving my Rear…….Sea to the Mountains

I am happy to say that my feet have hit the trails and beaches again.  I find my happy place is along those trails with my headphones taking in everything around me.  I am grabbing my tea first thing and hitting the grasslands…. I am […]

Mixed Media Monday 7/14/14 Re-Cap – Laugh Often

Laughter is the best medicine.  Laughter was the theme of Monday’s Mixed Media Monday.  Unfortunately (maybe fortunately) the true belly laughs happened in the after show but I cannot tell you how great it felt.  The comradery, laughing until I was crying and creativity is […]

Summer Splash DecoArt Color Palette!

I am having fun challenging myself with four DecoArt Americana Colors.  I shared the first one HERE.  !  Here is the second Summer Color Palette I came up with.. I love the deep vibrant colors lately and I did two more pages in my art […]