Where’s Tracy? Change is is on the Horizon…

I cannot even begin to tell you how last week was life changing……………..I guess I can sum it up with this which the sign went up LIVE last Monday during Mixed Media Monday….   And that immediately snowballed into my “Sleeping with the Enemy” approach […]

Mixed Media Monday 9/22/14 – “Light and Free”

I am so SORRY for the delay in post last week’s Mixed Media Monday!  If you were with us LIVE you know that a lot transpired the moment we went on air (the for sale sign was being pounded in the ground out front) and […]

Take the time…adventures in Northern California

This weekend we had the pleasure of visiting Northern California.  I have one huge regret….I did not take my good camera to capture the beauty I experienced!!!!!!  The weather was perfect, the clouds were puffy, and the fishing a’plenty!  (I think I was tricked to […]

DecoArt Acrylic Paint Misters!

Last Sunday I was excited to have some time in my Studio to play with the new DecoArt Acrylic Paint Misters!  Yep, acrylic paint in a mister! These are like an instant backgrounds in a spray bottle.  LOVE THEM!  I pulled out my idea art […]

Try Something With Tracy – 3B Charcoal Pencil and Sharpener

Well, you all knew it was going to pop up eventually. There absolutely HAD to be a video on Tracy’s love affair with her 3B Charcoal Pencils. I am sure many of you out there thought this would be the first Try Something With Tracy […]

Art at Sea….No excuses!

I have a no excuses approach to my art.  Which means I don’t always have the tools I want, the complete set of markers, etc.  I want to challenge myself in my idea art journal.  That is the reason for it.  The concepts are not […]

So many reason to love the ocean…

What lures me back to the ocean?  There is something about the sea air, the ocean, hooking a fish on the line, taking a nap to the beat of the swells, or maybe it is just spending time with my fella as he does what […]

Mixed Media Monday 9/15/14 – “Live, Love, Laugh”

Monday’s Mixed Media Monday was yet again a time for me to perk up, be inspired and wake up my creative soul.  I was tired from a busy but wonderful weekend so had to dig a little deeper.  Here is the painting I did LIVE… […]