3 Months Ago….A Construction Journey

3 months ago to the exact day we were newly married by 2 days and earth movers arrived and we started this construction journey (November 18th to February 18th) . It is beyond mind blowing to think what we have taken on and tackled in […]

Original Mixed Media Monday Artwork

On this Monday that we are off  I would like to share a pieces from Mixed Media Monday LIVE for the past 5 months.  16 pieces 11″ X 14″/each painted LIVE from my Studio..   Enjoy this RECAP of Monday’s Past HERE…… For me this […]

Play Ball…Go Aztecs!

Right now the world is rather full in our household.  Besides the construction going on we are into basketball, volleyball and now college baseball season!  I am beyond proud of ALL the kids and wake up hoping each and every day they do their best, find […]

If this dress could talk…

I want to share something about a not so little dress.  I wore this September 9, 1995 at the age of 25 on my wedding day.  It had the longest train and was so heavy…. I wore it to a Princess party with my little Prince […]

What are your gifts?

Many recent events and opportunities has me thinking about what are my gifts? Besides painting pretty pictures with flowers and hearts what are my gifts…what can I give? I truly believe that in life you may have a talent but that talent calls on lots […]

20 Questions with the Artists…..

I thought it would be neat for Andy Skinner  and I to sit down and do a 20 Questions Q & A.  Let’s get to know the Artists.  But in typical Tracy fashion I don’t want to ask what inspires him, and things that have […]

Mixed Media Monday 2/16/15 – Dream

In the midst of so much going on and some laptop issues I briefly debated if the show would go on and I am so glad it did!  I really needed this Mixed Media Monday and it felt great to see this piece come alive.  Another […]

Concrete and TILE!

Today I was thinking that every time another subcontractor leaves I get a little sad.  I have talked to many of these people every day and for sometimes weeks and had my morning tea catching up with them.  Sorry to see my tile guy leave […]