Random Thoughts

It has been another busy week and I am capping it all off with a Girls Day Out.  Janine, Colleen, Shelly and I will be at the Scrapbook Expo tomorrow.  A day with the girls is a great way to end the week and being […]

Thank You

I have heard it takes village to raise a child and today my "village" stepped in.  Her name is Janine.  Without her I would not have been able to get through the day.  She started by watching all three kids this morning while I worked.  […]


So this past week I got a couple of questions emailed to me.  First one was from Carol who asked about my paint and rubber stamps shelves….pictures are on their way.  That is T-Bar used for acoustic ceilings.  I will get those detailed pictures ASAP.  […]

Summer Goals Met

We are down to the two-week countdown before school starts.  I was thinking about that list I made at the beginning of summer: Enjoy our mini family vacation in Texas – DONE Hit the beach once a week  – MORE THAN ONCE A WEEK Enjoy […]

Home Sweet Home

We are H-O-M-E!  Yeah hoo!  Tonight I sleep in my own bed with my own pillow (which you already know means a ton to me!).  I am so mad at myself!  We got home, unloaded, started laundry and I got the mail…as I walked in […]

I stand corrected!

Ok, I have to admit I was a Doubting Thomas about this trip to Las Vegas.  I was not crazy about going to "Sin City" with three kids.  I certainly did not like the idea of sitting through a 2 hour Time Share presentation for […]

Last summer trip….

Hello from Las Vegas, Nevada. Yes, this is the fifth State I have been to in the last few months.  For someone who does not do a lot of traveling, that is a lot of traveling.  We decided to sneak in one more summer vacation […]

Creativity Abounds

Oh boy,the creative wheels are turning.  First, I created this Halloween Candy Bag for Helmar using their Crackle Medium.  Oh that is so cool! Then I created two layouts for Scrappin Sports & More using Andrea Deer’s new line.  Our weekend was another action packed […]