Ballarina Girl

Today was cloudy and ugly.   When it is cloudy I just want the rain to fall.  But instead it was ugly and HUMID!  I have had a enough of that.  Also kind of edgy today so that does not help.  One hour at the gym […]

Clutter Be-Gone!

Do you ever feel like everything you go into is cluttered or things are missing???? It was driving me crazy (literally!)  I have blown up at everyone this week including the kids and Pete.  It just seemed like every medication was expired and every game […]

Hot, HOT, HOT!

Another summer mini vacation is over.  Friday my friend Melissa called and they were spending the weekend in Palm Springs.  Basically in a matter of minutes we decided to hop in the car and head to Palm Springs for the weekend.  I have never packed […]

Special Surprise!

Sometimes there are moments in your life where someone makes you feel so special.  Today was one of those days.  Of course my friends mean so much to me.  Today one of my dearest and best friends (who I never see) surprised me with a […]

Back to my Creativity

Yeah!  I am back to my desk!  I was having a hard time gearing back up to be creative but with a swift kick from Diecuts With a View I needed to create 3 layouts in one day to Fed Ex to them.  So far […]

Bonus Vacation…Grand Canyon

On our way home from Lake Powell we decided to take an alternate route. As I studied the map I noticed that Grand Canyon was not too far off our intended route. Since it was Tyler’s birthday and all we had done was pack up […]

Vacation Re-Cap (Long)

Where do I begin???  We are back from vacation.  I honestly think Lake Powell is evidence that there is a God.  It is so amazing.  We started out on the road on Friday July 7th.  After about 12 hours on the road we arrived at […]

Packing but still scrapping

Well, after three trips to buy shoes for the kids I bit the bullet and just took them with me.  There should be a law that all kid shoes should run the same.  My American Express has more return on it for shoes.  With that […]