A Moment in Time…

Today I was bringing Micky home from gymnastics (just the two of us which is rare).  I had misplaced my cell phone and had to go back to the gym to find it (where I left it of course).  When we got back in the […]

Helmar on the Lounge

Just want to pass along that Helmar, one of the companies I design for will be on the Diva Craft Lounge radio show tomorrow.  The show airs live from Noon – 1 pm (PST).  And you can listen to the archived show anytime after.  Click […]

Tile Anyone….

"I have tile yes I do, I have Tile how ’bout you?"  Imagine me singing that and doing the happy dance (on my new tile).  They finished laying it today and just have to come back to tack down the carpet.  It looks great and […]

Birthday Celebrations Continue

One week later and we are still celebrating the twin’s birthday.  Today they had their birthday party at school.  They share their birthday with their teacher so we make sure to include her too.   I had this cake made especially for the three of them.  […]

Progress Baby!

Today we took a big step forward.  We got a lot done.  Pete continued to paint the shed and we started to sort through things in the garage.  I no longer have to search for the toilet paper roll as I got the towel rack […]


I usually feel very blessed and today I remembered why.  Despite the fact we don’t have a kitchen (which is pretty important on Thanksgiving) we had a wonderful meal and loved being together as a family.  We started the day by helping dad paint the […]


I am thankful for so much in my life.  I treasure every moment that I am on this earth and value all the relationships with my friends and family.  I hope everyone has a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Our Babies Turn FIVE!

Yes today is the twin’s 5th birthday!  The day was all about them but very low-key.  We gave them grandma and grandpa’s gifts.  Micky got a tea set and JoJo got Star Wars light sabers.  Both loved their gifts and that kept them all busy […]