To My Father

So I thought about how I could say Happy Father's Day to my Dad because it just seems like it is not enough.  What do you say to the guy who you wake up repeaditly at 3:00 am throughout your life just to talk?  How […]

Fun at the Fair!

Today I woke up and decided to take the kidlets to the San Diego County Fair.  Now for a foodie like me the Fair is kind of like dying and going to heaven except I don't envision that food in heaven will be deep fried […]

Fun Album

I always feel so lucky to work with the latest and greatest in the industry.  I was thrilled to get a box from Clear Scraps and I was challenged to use their new Cog Album.  Lucky that I had all the corresponding Scrap Within Reach's Industrial […]

Today I am Tip Toeing Through the Tulips

So as my lovely friend Joana brought to my attention in her comment, the blue bonnets are not currently in bloom so I am sticking to Tip-Toeing Through the Tulips…….today I came home from taking the two little kidlets to swim lessons only to find […]

Signs of Summer

Summer vacation has started and a mere week ago I was excited to have the kids home, looking forward to sleeping in, tip-toeing through the tulips and dancing in the blue bonnets.  Yep, I had visions of grandeur and could not wait to have those […]

Promotion…….Beaming Mom Alert!

Don’t say I did not warn you but I am going to be beaming mom for this post.  Tyler promoted from 6th Grade last week.  Ok, maybe I should just say it in a slide show instead of gushing all over.. Seeing Tyler with his […]

Presidential Album Locator

So everyone is asking me the whereabouts of the Presidential Album.  I should have put a GPS tracker on the inside.  It is in Washington DC.  I just heard last week that it is in the hands of one of his key staff members but he was […]

Busy time of year

We could not possibly have more on our plate in the next week……last week of baseball and phew…so glad to see it come to a close.  Tyler made the All Star team so he is very proud of that.  Up until yesterday he was on […]