New Product Pick

Ok, I discovered a new must have tool for your art studio.  It is a simple idea and for somone like me with my OCD issues it is perfect!  It is the Stamping Details Custom Craft Sheet.  Simple concept…..a non porous, non stick sheet that will […]

Oh Christmas Tree….

Thanksgiving is behind us and yesterday we sprung into the holiday spirit.  We decided to put the Christmas tree up and get with the spirit.  Tyler and I tinseled and beaded and then the kids went at it with decorations.  I always enjoy sitting there […]

Move over Martha……..

I am not known for my culinary skills and something like a Thanksgiving meal can be very daunting for someone like me.  But this morning I strapped on the Martha Stewart hairstyle, an apron and went at it bright and early.  I had thawed the […]

So Thankful…Happy Thanksgiving

This week we celebrate Thanksgiving.  I am thankful for so much and thought it was time to make mention of just some of those things.  We all go through ups and downs in our lives and I feel those downs can teach you so much about […]

The Life of a Soccer Mom

As a soccer mom, you drive to practices, games & buy snacks with a big fat smile on your face.  You slice those oranges, whip up that sun shade and either sweat or freeze your way through the season.  When the last game comes you […]

Birthday Cupcakes

You know you got it good when another mom in your daughter's class offers to make her birthday cupcakes.  Really, I am sick and you want to bake pink cupcakes for my girl?  She does make yummy homemade cupcakes and muffins and wanted to make […]

The Twins Turn 8!

Last Friday the twins turned 8.  I have always thought that they came in a time in my life for so many reasons.  So we was blessed with not one but two kids.  I changed my career path and went from corporate American to being a […]

Getting in the Spirit

Oh I have been a very bad blogger but I am back.  I have had a couple of busy weeks working and then being sick.  I am on the mend and now only sound like I am hacking up half a lung but I feel much […]