What’s your purpose? and other random thoughts from my “satellite office”…

Lately I have been updating my business plan, my art in my studio and my purpose and I came across this quote… "You have to put yourself out there if you want the universe to come rushing in". How true that is and I have […]

Life with The Furball

I love that so many people ask about Penny (ada "The Furball).  On this particular day my carpets were professionally cleaned, my OCD was in check and I was doing the happy dance……(on my nice clean carpets) Well that was interrupted when the black puff […]

From Those Mixed Media Mondays….

The following days after each Monday I have the pleasure of seeing so many people's artwork that was inspired by Monday night!  It is such an honor and I just want to share some of this weeks projects from this past Monday which I shared […]

Studio Storage Tips Part 3: Display your Artwork!

One thing many people do not know about me is I am terrified to share my artwork (my other fear is public speaking).  Strange when weekly I get on LIVE on the internet with no preparation and paint!  It was not until my 40's when […]

Mixed Media Monday Re-Cap 3/25/13 – “Live”

Each week I am blown away by the positive response of Mixed Media Mondays.  The viewers are growing, the manufacturer's are asking to be a part of this fun and I am beyond excited!  I look forward to Monday's and who actually says that!  This […]

School Projects…Edible Cells

I was just thinking the other day that I have not had a good school project sprung on me in awhile and bam…twins needed to make Edibule Cells.  Don't you love it when they spring those projects on you?  Actually this time I found out […]

Studio Storage Tips Part 2: Containing it ALL! Viewtainers!

I started my Storage Tip feature yesterday and I am excited to share my next favorite storage tip idea….VIEWTAINERS!  Clear, plastic, inexpensive, and non-spillable.  I used to keep my ribbons, buttons, etc. in glass mason jars and I learned all too quick that if you […]

Studio Storage Tips Part 1: Paints/Inks/Stamps OH MY!

I get asked a lot how I store many of the items in my studio so I thought I would address some of them here on my blog.  My favorite storage is my mini "shelves" on my wall where I store my favorite DecoArt Paints, […]