Checked off 1 Item and maybe 2!!

Well, I did my 5K yesterday in sunny Downtown San Diego, Balboa Park yesterday.  Pete, Dad and I ran a 5K and I am proud to say I did it.  I had to walk up a big hill but for the most part completed it […]

Resolutions are not for me

Someone asked me the other day if I make New Years Resolutions.  The answer is no….ok, heck no.  I don’t believe in picking a date such as January 1 and turning 360 degrees to do something that in a few months I will forget about […]

Another Holiday is done

If there was a world record for wrapping up a holiday I would probably take it.  Less than 24 hours after Santa came down that chimney the decorations and tree went right back up into the attic.  Yes, OCD Tracy took all the decorations down […]

Family Photos

I have taken lots of family photos this year for many other families and finally we were able to go out to the park and take our family photos.  Creative Corner – I created this canvas last night for my grandma of our family.  She […]

A Merry Christmas Indeed

The kiddies rose at the crack of dawn.  We heard them yelling "Santa came" at 6:15 this morning!  I could have used a few more hours of sleep (you can see that in photos of me) but they were ready to go.  I think one […]

A Way TOO long Post so Grab some Coffee!

Well, after a few emails and my conversation today with Cindy I am guessing some may need an up-date to read with your morning coffee LOL.  Where do I begin?  The days are just passing by and one is slipping in to another.  This past […]

Let the Holidays Begin

I cannot say that I am anywhere near ready but today Grandma and Grandpa arrived.  The kids were all excited and their timing could not be better.  They literally passed by Tyler’s school as I was picking him up.  We started out the vacation with […]

My plot is working

I hate to have a dirty trick up my sleeve but I do…..Grandma and Grandpa have called us along the way and we have highlighted their progress on the map.  Each time they called their cute little adorable grandchildren got on to say "I Love […]