The rain continues

Man it sure is raining. I guess record amounts are falling.  Today we leisurely got up and we met up with another on-line scrapbooking friend, Gayla. She treated us to lunch at Benihana’s.  It was fabulous.  The food was great and even better was watching […]

What a Day….Thank You Char!

What a magical day.  As a I look back at the pictures the smiles say it all.  I am happy to call Char friend.  There were so many laughs and the best was how she made the kids laugh.  They really took a liking to […]

The Fun Continues as Does the Rain (long)

I keep saying we are going to rest but today we made our way via mapquest to the Dallas Central Library.  It is huge. We had hoped for a tour but no willing tour guides on hand.  Oh well, I invented my own tour and […]

Lovin’ Dallas

Let me begin this post by saying I love my kids and I don’t drink however this vodka/cranberry that is keepng me company right now is tasting very good.  LOL.  Lots of quibling going on and when you are in a two-room hotel room the […]

Ft. Worth Fun

Day two in Texas was a busy one.  We started our day by heading over to my friend Char’s house for brunch.  I have known Char via the internet for 7 years!  This was our first face-to-face meeting and it was wonderful.  She has a […]

Hi Ya’All

Like my new Texas accent?  OK, nice try. We are in the Lone Star State. It is VERY humid and it rained right when we got here.  When you see the sun 360 days a year the rain is a nice welcome.  The kids were […]


I love the emails and comments I get posted to the site here.  I love engaging with new people and sharing with close friends.  I get such a kick when I get those questions addressing my craziness with a label maker (I think they have […]

I Scrapped!

I completed a layout for Helmar.  Woo Hoo it feels good to glue something.  I have one more project to complete and mail out by tomorrow.   Not sure if you can see but I used some of my PhotoShop Elements tips by creating a cool […]