Where Can you find Me?

Wow, the weekend just flew by………soccer and baseball dominated our time: By the way, I am no professional baseball player however I bet you hit the ball easier if you OPEN YOUR EYES! I stand corrected! So where I am during all these sporting events […]

Soccer, Soccer and More Soccer

Today we spent the day at the soccer fields.  It was an exciting day for the kids in sports.  Tyler played his best friends team and Tyler played goalie for the second half.  I was so nervous for him.  We needed up winning 5-1 and […]

Live to Run Another Day

Well, the results are in and I am not the First Mother of the Vice President.  Tyler did not win the seat he was running for but my ever-gracious boy handled it with grace and kindness.  He said "Oh well".  Yep, I think I was […]


So the other day in a moment of boredom I decided to Google myself.  Having the name Weinzapfel really allows yourself to stand out a bit and it seems the internet is filled with Weinzapfel’s.  There are mayors, doctors, dentists, polititians, architects, and me.  There […]

Beaming Mommy

Oh I am so proud of Tyler!  He gave his Student Council speech yesterday and I was so proud of him!  He even incorporated me in his speech!  Now keep in mind when it comes to public speaking I hate it.  I always have a […]

Wow, Yet more projects

My oh my I have had an outpouring of creativity and it sure feels good.  Scrappin Sports & More challenged us to step out of the box with a shaped layout ands some cards and (after some initial pouting) here is the outcome: See what […]

What Brings you Pure Joy?

So today I got to thinking about things that bring me pure joy.  Yep, just a post of random blathering here but it got me thinking… A scented candle – I usually try to light one in my office while I am working (with a […]

Creative Corner

Lately the creative Gods have been shining down and thankfully I have been able to create some projects.  These were created for Scrappin Sports & More: Then I was playing around with more acrylic (big news coming on this) which I love………P.S.  If you are […]