Thank you Santa!

Santa Claus came to Ramona and we have proof!  He left footprints.  What a magical thing to wake up to on Christmas morning.  We are all still wondering how he tip-toed by my air mattress.  But then again those pomegranate martinis made mommy a bit […]

Christmas Eve (continue)

After church we had friends drop by for some cheer and delivering presents to the kiddos.  Victoria and her boys stopped by first.  She made a great tester for my pomegranate martinis.  It took a couple of tries but with willing testers we found a […]

Christmas Eve Service

For those of you who hate those gushing moms who think their kids are the cutest and most talented please stop reading now.  And if you continue don't say I did not warn you that on Christmas Eve I was one of those Moms.  The […]

Queen of Christmas Cookies

I want to introduce you to the Queen of Christmas Cookies.  This girl loves this Christmas ritual.  She makes the cookie dough from scratch, has every sprinkle known to man and her favorite song is even Christmas Cookies by her "boyfriend" George Strait.  And she […]

My Grown Up Christmas List

So I keep getting asked what I want for Christmas.  I come up blank and don't have a solid answer.  Sure I have seen the commercial for the Clapper "Clap on, Clap Off….." and the concept seems life changing but I truly believe I can turn my lights […]

Merry Christmas from our House to Yours…

It has been a very short December.  I swear it was just Halloween yesterday and I was wearing a hot dog costume.  But today I am wearing a different costume.  That of Santa trying to make sure the stockings are hung by the chimney with […]

Another Great Christmas

Ok, I just have to share one more Christmas Past.  I think this was from the early 80's by the Polaroid, hairdo's and my glasses.  My brother and I got the coolest sleds in the neighborhood.  They had brakes and everything. Check out those footy […]

Christmas 1974

Growing up in Michigan was great but Christmas was especially fun.  Christmas, 1974 forever demented my world and I am sharing this with the world.  That particular Christmas we went "Up North" for Christmas.  Now just to clarify, I was all of four years old […]