It’s Just Like Riding a Bike

This week my buddy and I decided to try out a new (old) sport.  With some impending ankle/foot surgery in my future our weekly hiking trips have gotten very difficult for me but since fitness is paramount (as is bacon & mimosas) we decided to expand […]

It’s A Girl!

We have an addition to the family and for anyone who knows me this is the last thing you would expect for me to say…….."It's a Girl".  My new motto is "Never say Never"!  This OCD, non-fur loving girl got a puppy (or as I call […]

Sometimes you just have to eat on it….

There are a few things that just make me feel balanced..(please omit any x-rated ideas here)…They are: being creative (includes shopping for art supplies, using them, or being with fellow creative/crafty folks sharing what I love). food………good food and the perfect beverage to accompany it […]

Working out the Creativity Muscles

Creativity for me takes muscles and those muscles need to be used and worked out.  I have been lax at not only working out physically but also avoiding those creative muscles.  I think one of the reasons I missed blogging so much was it is a creative outlet for me.  […]

The Kid are Back in School…….

This blog post is brought to you with "The Boys are Back in Town" song playing in the background (click for the rhythm but please change the words to "The Kids are Back in School".  Yes, now you get the feeling.  It is a happy, […]

Stamping, Stationery, and Scrapbooking Publication

It feels like forever and a day since I have picked up some paper and glue (Helmar of course!) and done something creative but it is always motivating to getting a magazine with my work published.  It reminds me of what I love and kicks my […]

Running the Mommy Marathon

Oh wait, this post is not about me running but it should be. This is about Tyler running. Sorry, silly me.  Just feels like I am in my own Mommy Marathon (without the muscle gain and fat loss). Another sport has started………..middle school cross country.  Ty had his […]

That time of Year Again, Soccer Mom Season

Good-bye summer………hello Soccer.  Yes, if you are looking for us we are dedicating our lives to the soccer ball for the next few months.  That means practices 3-4 days a week and our Saturdays are spent in the sun watching the boys (ask Micky how […]