Mission Complete (MissionS Complete!)

I have this philosophy about being a mom of twins….I feel like since I only gave birth once but had two I should not be punished for this feat.  I mean, come on…this really is a feat in itself (ok, maybe because I wonder what […]

Taking a new Path

Sometimes life takes you down different paths you never expected. Forks in the road appear where you think you are on a long straight one. You would rather travel in the safety of the herd but you find yourself out there. Scary and part of […]

ArtWalk 2012

May is always a big month for me. It is my Birthday month! Woo hoo…getting ready to celebrate and bring on another year of my life!  42 years old and I am bringing it in with a bang (and the sound of slot machines this weekend!!) […]

Be You!

Last weekend was a great weekend!  Sunday I had a great talk with a dear friend of mine.  She is my polar opposite and the girl I want to have my back if I ever was in a rumble (Ok, sometimes I resort to my […]

Art Art and more ART!

Countdownt to my birthday is on! Birthday Countdown and Art is in my heart!  I have been painting and creating like crazy and when projects start to pile up I run out of time to photograph and list all the products I used.  Also I […]

Goodbye Blogger Block!

I have taken a little hiatus from blogging.  I love to blog…it is a journal of sorts and a place I share my art and a part of me.  Every now and again I get blogger block and I just cannot write nor do I feel motivated.  […]


Thank God it is Friday!  That is all I can say about that.  As so many know there is a great transition going on in my life and that is never easy but so gratifying in so many way.  I have not had time to blog […]

I DID IT!…….now I need just 10 for $10 for the Relay!

I DID IT!  I raised my goal of $800 and I am at $860!  My supporters are friends, family, co-workers and more.  They are those who believe in this fight and I could not be more thankful! I have 27 more days until I walk […]