San Diego………oh how I love thee.

Every now and again I get a weekend all to myself.  Sure I love the sports, the BBQ's, kids, pool, and the mayhem but every now and again I feel the need to set a date for just me.  I live in a pretty darn […]

Lessons from “The Furball”

I get lots of people asking how I am doing with Penny or as I affectionately call her "The Furball".  Well, she has implanted herself into our lives much to my surprise.  The non-dog person that I am now finds myself waking up with a […]

Sports Sports and more Sports

My life as a soccer mom never seems to end but I would not have it any other way (ok, yes I secretly love those rare days practice is cancelled) but we have come to the end of some very exciting seasons.  Micky finished her […]

I DARE you!

I have had this idea swirling in my mind for awhile with our online shows Monday nights and the Flickr page where you guys share your art but I want to see MORE!  I decided a great place to see and share those pages was […]

Saturday Morning Bliss

I have been going, going, going and boy does this Saturday morning feel good.  For the first time in MONTHS there is not one iota of sports or kiddo activities going on this weekend.  House is quiet, PJ's are still on and hot tea is steaming […]

Being YOU!

I saw this on Pinterest (Could not find original source to credit) and it really hits home for me… 42 years of my life I have been creative.  My mom swears I was born with a camera in my hand and a pair of scissors […]

Open House

Last night was a nice night to take in with the kids.  It was Open House for the twins and I always look forward to this for a couple of reasons.  They get to proudly show off what they have been working on so hard AND […]

ArtWalk – June 3rd!

Mark your calendars for the second ArtWalk, June 3rd, 2012! I have been invited back and am exited to paint away the days in preparation..   Great music, lots of art and tons of places to eat so I hope you can stop by my […]